The Nederland Board of Trustees appoint the members of the NDDA Board of Directors and charge them withproving the infrastructure of the downtown area for both short and long term benefit of the community as a whole.

The NDDA is continuously supportive of the beatification and economic health of Downtown Nederland.  Some of the projects are listed below:

In 2010 the NDDA completed an extensive sidewalk project that connected local neighborhoods to commercial areas, and improved access to downtown businesses.

For the last 5 years the DDA has purchased plants for the downtown planters and we also donate toward the employment of  local botanist to rework the planters within our environment and ecological mandate.

The DDA also provides lights for the pedestrian bridge in Town, which is not only beautiful at night, but also aids in the safety of pedestrians traveling the bridge.

We also light up the Town during the holidays and hold a tree lighting ceremony at the Town Hall.


All NDDA projects stem from the NDDA Strategic Plan. The NDDA has limited funds to work with and makes every attempt to leverage these funds to get the most impact for the dollar. They focus on projects that are achievable.