April Update

NDDA April Update

With NedPeds finally going to bid the NDDA Board is reviewing the Owner Project Requirements (OPR) that the Design Advisory Team (DAT) (property owners and residents in the NedPeds area) came up with. As one of the first major construction projects being done in Nederland in a while I wanted to share some of the goals and requirements and remind the community and ourselves of the commitments we are making. The NDDA spent many hours with the DAT, the community, and the designers to come up with the design that best fit the requirements of the grant, the infrastructure needs of the town and the desires of the community.

  • Energy goals: To actively limit the embodied energy use of the project
  • Water goals: To comply with the EPA’s Life Principles of Water
  • Material goals: To use pervious materials as well as recycled materials to the extent possible
  • Other: To preserve and restore ecological functionality while increasing the quality of water flowing into North Beaver Creek
  • Community requirements: Must provide safe infrastructure that enhances connectivity in the community
  • Aesthetic requirements: Should include planting of native vegetation to enhance natural beauty
  • Accessibility requirements: Should incorporate ADA compliant pathways
  • Health requirements: Should ensure infrastructure that promotes and supports non-motorized traffic

I’ve been part of the NedPeds project now for it seems like forever. The board is excited to see this project get going. All of the NedPeds documents are online if you would like to see more.  If you have any questions on the NedPeds project please let me know. Happy to answer or direct you to those who know the answers…

Katrina Harms
NDDA Board President

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