Public Art Plan Request for Proposals and Art Committee Formation

On 2.18.20, the Board of Trustees approved the NDDAs request to access funds for the development of a Public Art Plan. Today the NDDA is putting out a Request for Proposals for an individual or firm to develop a Public Art Plan. The Public Art Plan will be the “road map” or “Master Plan” for Public Art in the NDDA District (boundaries of the NDDA: NDDA Boundaries.  If you know of anyone with experience in Public Art Plan development, please pass along the RFP. 2020 RFP Public Art Plan
The NDDA would like to incubate an Art Committee that works closely with the individual or firm that writes the Public Art Plan. There is a hope that the Art Committee grows organically and finds its own feet if they so desire. Until then the Art Committee will be an advisory to the NDDA board and will keep Minutes, etc., much like advisory boards. Two NDDA board members will sit on the committee. The number of committee members is being worked out at this time. Tentatively, 7 to 9 people made up of business owners, artists and community members.
Current board members interested in supporting Public Art have nailed down this foundation to help move the project forward. They will review Letters of Interest and Applications for the Public Art Plan developer between March 4th and March 11th. We are hoping for at least 3 bids with the intentions of filling the position at the March 11th NDDA meeting….please keep in mind, that is the hope. The NDDA holds the right to accept or not accept any or all Letters of Interest if they do not meet the needs or requirements of the board.
The NDDA will hold a community meeting after the March 11th board meeting. I will post more information about it next week when I secure a time and place with the Community Center.  During the community meeting you will learn more about the commitment of being on the Art Committee, understand some of the framework around the Public Art Project, have your questions answered, and receive an application for the Art Committee if you are interested. Please know, public input is necessary for the success of the Public Art Project. If you are not interested in being on a committee, just interested in providing input, avenues for you to do so will always be available…and Art Committee meetings will be open to the public.  Please check out the RFP to see what the NDDA wants out of the Public Art Plan, and how you could possibly assist in creating the road map for Public Art in Nederland.
At this time the NDDA…or future Art Committee…is not soliciting any Art work.  Also, the footprint for the Art Plan will be within the NDDA District. There is a hope that all of Nederland will be included as the Art Committee grows and achieves funding, etc.
Hopefully this update has been helpful. Thank you to everyone who came out to NDDA meetings to support funding a Public Art Plan. Your presence and your emails were a boon for the project.
You are always welcome to reach out to me if you have any further questions. Hope:
If you send this Request for Proposals to anyone, please let me know so I can follow up with them. This request is posted on the Town Website and Facebook Page, as well as two government bidding sites, the NDDA website and Facebook page, and will run in the Mountain Ear.

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