6.16.20 Resolution 2020-22 and Resolution 2020-23 are Approved by the BOT

Resolution 2020-22 – Electrical Box Funds – $15,000 – Approved

The Board of Trustees approved Electrical Box Funds. Public Comment, and Trustee comments were around the location of the shed. PROSAB Chair Jess Ansari informed the board that the shed is not in the specified location.
In the end the Board of Trustees requested better communication between boards and Public Works. Trustees wanted more detail in budget spreadsheets. Public Works Manager Chris Pelltier assured the board that $3000 is cushion funds. Unspent money will be returned. I informed the Trustees that the Town Accountant will true up the budget when the project is finished.

Resolution 2020-23 – Port a potties – $4120.00 – Approved

The Board of Trustees approved funding for port a potties through September 2020. They felt they are a stop gap solution. The BOT requested that Town staff look into how we can improve Nederland’s public bathrooms. They all agreed that the porta potties are not healthy. They want to think long term. Business owners reported people urinating between buildings. In light of this behavior, the board felt that porta potties were necessary for the time being.
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