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ACT Program for Small Businesses: Help Adapting to the New Business Environment


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The Boulder SBDC works with hundreds of small businesses every month. We fully understand that as a small businesses owner, you are frequently absorbed in the day-to-day activities of your business. However, in these changing times it is more critical than ever that you find some time to pause and reflect on your underlying business proposition. Many of the basic assumptions that have supported business for years have changed. It’s a new playing field and we must all learn new ways to move forward. The ACT self-analysis assessment is a guide to assist you in identifying the most crucial areas for consideration. The assessment is not designed to be overwhelming or comprehensive. Not only would such a design would be too daunting for many small business owners, but additionally, many of the issues are complex problems with no clear, single, correct answer. You need to be prepared to move forward on this basis and adjust your course as conditions change and new information becomes available.

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