Examples of projects that the DDA is currently working on:

  • Lakeview and Big Springs intersection project
  • Additional parking on Big Springs Dr., Lakeview Dr., and Conger St.
  • First Street Pedestrian/ADA walkability, loading zone, and parking improvements
  • Loans, grants, and rebate programs
  • Event Support
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Beautification (public art installations, native planting and landscaping)
  • Mural Project
  • Online Business Directory

These projects aim to address the sources of frustration for local residents, such as parking, intersection traffic, and lack of clear signage, including parking signage.

We also ask you to communicate with the NDDA to ensure that projects that you are most passionate about are being addressed. The NDDA is committed to working on behalf of the talented, creative people who live and work in Nederland. Contact the Executive Director at:

The Nederland Board of Trustees appoint the members of the NDDA Board of Directors and also charge them with proving the development of the downtown area for both short and long term benefit of the community as a whole.

The NDDA economic projects rise from Resolution 2005-17/Plan of Development of Downtown Nederland.

NDDA physical development projects stem from the 2007 NDDA Strategic Plan. The NDDA has limited funds to work with and makes every attempt to leverage these funds to get the most impact for the dollar. They focus on projects that are achievable. Resolution 2008-19 – Physical Plan

Both economic and physical development plans: 2017 Master Plan