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Here in Nederland and the surrounding mountain community we value self-reliance. We chop our own wood and forage for our own mushrooms. We count the miles we’ve hiked, not the miles on our cars. We live and breathe by the land and weather that surrounds us. When our head needs clearing we call a trusted friend, retrieve our dog or set out alone to ski, camp, knit, hike, read, fish, chop, quilt, or climb. But sometimes this isn’t enough. We find our wood sheds full, our bookshelves exhausted, and our friends too busy to climb with us. This is the moment to call Peak to Peak Counseling. Drawing from an eclectic mix of therapeutic techniques, we are committed to creating a unique and personalized psychotherapy experience for each of our clients based on your individual needs, goals and strengths. As a local, mountain business we understand and encourage your independent spirit. Our affordable and confidential counseling services are designed to meet your specific needs and get you back to the life you love.

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